The Barton Family

Right after Hurricane Harvey I met the Barton Family when I photographed their first born’s birth story. When they told me that they were having their next and final baby, I was thrilled when they said they wanted to book me again! Not only are they wonderful people but their family is so much fun to be around. Both births were surrounded by nothing but pure love and joy.

Kirbi was scheduled for a repeat c-section on November 26, 2018. I arrived shortly after her and her husband checked into the hospital. As expected with any new mom, she was nervous yet SO excited to meet her sweet baby girl. Shortly after getting checked in, the rest of the family came in to anxiously await the arrival of baby Andilyn. Big brother, JT, even arrived in a great mood and was ready to meet his new sister.

After getting the okay from Dr. Victores and the anesthesia team, Kirbi headed to the OR. Once her spinal was in, they allowed Dad (Logan) and me into the operating room. Dr. Victores was sure to keep the mood light to ease the mind of a worried mom. Before long, miss Andilyn Marie was HERE! She said Hello to Mom and Dad, then was whisked off to get cleaned up.

As Dr. Victores and the rest of the surgery staff were finishing up the C-section, the grandparents and JT were anxiously waiting for an update in the waiting room. Logan was excited to show off his new baby girl and brought her into the hallway to meet everyone. The grandparents were so excited that they ran down the hallway. JT was super interested in meeting his new best friend!

After spending a few minutes introducing Andilyn to her family, she was ready to be weighed. She was the PERFECT size! 7 lbs 4 oz and 19.25 inches long. Her skin was nice and pink and she was alert. Dad watched on proudly as they looked her over. She was perfect from head to toe. Kirbi finally came out of surgery, eager to get her hands on that precious baby girl. She immediately wanted to nurse and latched on right away.

I decided to let the Barton’s get some rest and came back the following day to do their fresh 48 session. The lighting in the room was beautiful. Kirbi and baby Andilyn had matching outfits and JT proudly wore his big brother shirt. He was absolutely smitten with his new sister. I loved this session so much. All her teeny details were just so perfect! Congratulations Barton family! Im so glad that I was able to be a part of such a special day <3